Jack Summerford

Jack Summerford founded Summerford Design, Inc. in 1978 after thirteen years with other design and advertising firms. He studied design at Washington University in Saint Louis gradu- ating from there in 1965. His work has been represented in the top design shows and trade publications, is included in the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, Brandenbur- gische Kunstammlugen Cottbus (Germany) and MusÈe de la Poste (Paris).

Jack has served the design community as a director of the American Institute of Graphic Arts at the National level and was a Founding Director of the first Texas Chapter of the AIGA. He is a past president and director of the Dallas Society of Visual Communications and recipient of that organization’s lifetime achievement award, The Golden Egg. More recently Jack has served on the American Institute of Graphic Arts Medalist Committee, been a juror for the New York Art Directors’ Club Exhibition, served on the DFW/AIGA Chapter’s advisory board and has been named the first AIGA Fellow in Texas.

Jack’s essays have appeared in Communication Arts, the international design magazine, Graphis, Corporate Annual Report Newsletter (CARN) and AIGA’s blog, VOICE. He currently divides his time between Fort Worth, New York and Santa Fe, while working on select design projects, personal writing and serving as Commissioner on The City of Fort Worth’s Urban Design Commission.

Steven Heller of The New York Times has said, “Jack Summerford is ostensibly a traditionalist whose work – though often underscored by humor – builds upon the basic tenets of modern design, while not always representing the old school approach.”.



Summerford Design has had a very diverse client list over the past thirty years. Identity and corporate communication design services has been provided for such companies as AT&T, Kimberly-Clark, Central & South West and EDS. But, if there is one industry group that has defined Summerford Design, Inc., it would be the service sector and more specifically architectural and engineering firms.

HKS Architects, HCB (Beck), Corgan and Omniplan have all relied on Summerford for establishing a design presence in their respective market areas. Most recently, Jack Summerford consulted on the environmental graphics for The Sid Richardson Museum in Fort Worth.


Shows & Exhibits
Partial list

AIGA Communication Graphics (Juror, Show Chairman & Juror) AIGA Communication Graphics (work selected for inclusion 25 of 30 years) Mead Annual Report Show (juror twice) AR 100 (regular inclusion) Annual Report Trends Graphis (regular inclusion) Interiors Magazine A Historical Review of Annual Report Design, The Cooper Hewitt Museum,

The Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Design UNESCO”s “World’s Most Memorable Posters” Grand Palais, Paris “Plumes et en-têtes, “ Musée de la Poste, Paris USA-Plakate, Brandenburgische Kunstammlungen Cottbus (Germany) Financial World Nicholson Awards Communication Arts, Juror Communication Arts, (work selected for inclusion 25 of 30 years) Print Magazine New York Art Director’s Club Show (regular inclusion) Word as Image: The Art Museum of The University of Memphis, 1997 New York Art Director’s Club Show Juror 2003 AIGA Medalist Committee 2002 & 2003


Publications Featuring Work & Interviews
Partial list

Communication Arts – four feature articles and juror World Trademarks & Logotypes I, II, & III Igarashi, Graphic-sha, Tokyo Print Casebooks Letterheads 2, Igarashi, Graphic-sha, Tokyo Business Cards (A Collection from Around the World), Igarashi, Graphic-sha, Tokyo Clients and Designers, Shapiro, Watson Guptill The Ultimate Portfolio, Metzdorf, North Light Books Annual Report Design (A Guide to the Annual Report Process for Graphic Designers

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